Saturday, November 19, 2011


i did 8 miles today. yep, 8. wowsers, can't believe i did it. it was tough though, i'm not gonna lie. i was ready to be done when i got to the end and happy to stop and walk. 

that's still 5 miles short of a half marathon but i'm just about 2/3 way there now. i averaged an 11 minute mile, which isn't too bad really. i'd like to be a little faster, but for having gone that far only once, averaging an 11 minute mile isn't bad. i'll take it. i've decided if when i get to 10 miles, and if i can still average an 11 minute mile i should be able to make my goal of averaging a 12 minute mile for my half marathon. feels like it's so close now, but it's still 2 months away. that's like 6  or 7 more saturdays to add another 3 miles. awesome. i think this just might be doable! 

i'm really glad that i gave myself enough time to do this slowly and not kill myself. i've been running pretty faithfully now for almost 6 months. that's the longest i've ever stuck with an exercise program (other than weight training, i.e. PE so i don't really count that). and it feels good to have been committed to something for so long. so, i just gotta make it a couple more months and then i'll have to find a new goal to give me a reason to do it when i don't feel like it. maybe i'll get ready for a triathlon next. :D

Sunday, November 6, 2011

the benefits and drawbacks of a treadmill

i simultaneously love and hate my treadmill. yep, it's true. and it's a surprisingly almost equal love-hate relationship.

i hate that it's so boring and not completely accurate. i hate that it's hot and there's no moving air like there is outside and when i get off i get that weird feeling of moving, while not moving. i hate that i end up staring at the stupid screen and watching the moments tick by, even when i try not to. and the times when i throw a towel over it are torturous for a totally different reason. it's mentally tough running for 3 or 4 miles and not actually going anywhere. 

i love that i can run while my kids are all home. i love that even though my husband goes to work before 5:00 every morning i can still do an early morning run without ever having to leave any of my kids. i love that i can set a pace and keep it. on the treadmill you either keep up or fall off. you can't slow down without realizing it so if you set the pace to do a 8 minute mile you do an 8 minute mile or very consciously choose to slow the pace. it makes me push harder. i love that i can easily keep track of my time and distance. i love that i can run while watching t.v. . . . not usually, but every now and then.

overall, best large workout equipment purchase i have ever made. i've already put over 200 miles on it and don't plan on stopping any time soon. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

another PR

yep, after dragging myself out of bed i did 4 miles straight today, no stopping, no walking. and i could've cranked out another 1/2 mile probably if i'd had the desire (and time).

Saturday, October 8, 2011

yay for cooler weather

i actually got to run outside today. and it was really nice. though i will say this: you don't really realize just how far 5 miles in until you're running through the city. it was almost difficult to find a route long enough without going into high traffic areas. anyhoo, i did just over 5.5 miles today and i feel good. i didn't go as fast as i would have liked, but i completely it with relative ease and i started out pretty fast. i am definitely getting stronger all the time. it feels good to be in decent shape. i like running. i love feeling good. i love being able to eat treats and ice cream every now and then without feeling guilty. i'm running so many miles during the week that i'm still losing weight, albeit slowly. that's okay with me though. i'd take slow weight loss and sugar in moderation over fast weight loss and no sugar easily. i'm not into denying myself things that i love. after all, we only live once, right?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


one of the best things about starting something like this is that if you stick with it you get to watch the improvements as they come. you can see where you started and where you are now and have a "yay, me!" moment because of how far you've come.

and i've come a long way. starting from the "couch to 5k" program i've gone from jogging 60 seconds straight to being able to do 3.5 miles with relative ease. seriously. i did 3 yesterday at a very easy pace. today i did 3.5 at a slightly faster pace than yesterday's 3. and they were both pretty easy. never once did i feel like i was sick or terribly winded or anything. and that feels great! i feel fit and strong. 

and while i'm not necessarily in the best shape of my life yet, i definitely have the most endurance/stamina that i've ever had. even when i was in weight training in high school and benching 125 regularly i couldn't run 3.5 miles straight (i don't think--i never tried though i did 3).

now, if i can just add in some appropriate (and fun) cross training and a little bit of weights on off days i'll be a force to be reckoned with!