Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i did over 7 miles today on my treadmill. yay! it was all walking due to a bothered knee/hip that started yesterday, but at least half of it was at a 7% incline or more.

i think this whole treadmill-in-the-house thing is going to be really good for me! maybe i can get that extra weight i've been working at for far too long off.  wish me luck! i'm excited. hope my knee starts feeling better soon. i'm raring to get RUNNING and set some new PRs!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

treadmill :D

a friend of mine bought a treadmill a few months ago. now they think they may be moving. so she sold it to me for a great deal.

i'm super excited! i love to run outside, but around here it's just too hot to run in the summer unless you do it EARLY in the morning, which isn't an option for me as hubby leaves for work by 5:00 a.m., or LATE at night, and who wants to work out late at night? not me! plus, i don't want to run in the dark. there are scary people out there. no need to invite trouble. and i can't work out before it gets really hot because i have 4 kids i can't leave alone. : / 

so, i'm very excited. i can walk right here, in my air conditioned house, though we still keep it around 78 during the day, with all my kiddies running wild. yay! this thrills me to no end.

today, i've already done 5 miles! most of that jogging. i feel great!