Tuesday, July 12, 2011


lots of progress. i feel great. i finished a 30 min run (no stopping) about an hour ago and feel awesome. i probably even could've gone another 5 minutes, but because of a pain in my lower inside leg i didn't. it may be shin splints, which concerns me, but it doesn't hurt that much. it's more annoying than painful, like when you're trying to work out stiffness at the beginning of a run. and it went away really quickly after my run was over. i'm thinking it's probably more due to too much running too quickly, but i just don't know. at this point i'm going to just try to run through it and see what happens. i've hit my 30 minute goal, but not 3 mile goal (i was just over 2.75) so for at least a month i'm going to keep it steady at 30 minutes or 3 miles, whichever comes first. my knee hasn't bothered me in weeks though and i'm excited to continue progressing.

it's funny, but the first 5 minutes of a run it always the worst for me. by about 3 i'm think "what am i doing? i can't go for over 20 minutes straight. that's a long time! and i'm already feeling winded," but inevitable i usually stay steady in that breathing-hard-but-not-huffing stage for the rest of the run and the time goes by before i've realized it. and i think "wow, i still feel great. i'm not gasping and i'm almost there." i have great hope for my half marathon goals!