Saturday, August 27, 2011

goal, accomplished

made it. 4 miles today. :) for the actual race i'm planning to do a run/walk/run because everything i've read said it's easier, mentally, physically, etc. most people actually cut time off when switching from a straight run to a run/walk style. so, i figured since that's my plan of action there's no reason not to start that method from right now for my long runs. it worked. i finished my long run, not very quickly, but not too slowly and i felt good at the end. i'm starting to get antsy about increasing mileage at this point. i'm really anxious to hit the halfway point (meaning 6.5 miles). but for now, 1/3 isn't too bad. i'll take it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

i had a goal

i didn't make it. it's okay though. sometimes that happens. yesterday i really wanted to do 4 miles, but it was a bad running day for me and i was lucky to make 3. this was the first time that i didn't feel great after my run. i just wanted to lay down and not move for a few minutes. it was good to recognize what an "off" day feels least i'm praying it was really just an off day. i wanted to really push myself and make that 4 miles, but doing 3 was really pushing myself. so, i've made the goal for this coming week to have a 4 mile run. i will make it, one way or another.

while we were in utah i ran while we were in smithfield. there's a canyon literally a few blocks from paul's grandma's house. it was awesome, seriously awesome. pretty and some shade and cool. i wish i could run there every day. it makes me want to run outside more, but it's just way too hot here still. i look forward to the weather cooling off though so i can starting running out by the canal.

on a positive note, shin splints are gone, ITB is a distant memory and all is well. :)