Saturday, November 19, 2011


i did 8 miles today. yep, 8. wowsers, can't believe i did it. it was tough though, i'm not gonna lie. i was ready to be done when i got to the end and happy to stop and walk. 

that's still 5 miles short of a half marathon but i'm just about 2/3 way there now. i averaged an 11 minute mile, which isn't too bad really. i'd like to be a little faster, but for having gone that far only once, averaging an 11 minute mile isn't bad. i'll take it. i've decided if when i get to 10 miles, and if i can still average an 11 minute mile i should be able to make my goal of averaging a 12 minute mile for my half marathon. feels like it's so close now, but it's still 2 months away. that's like 6  or 7 more saturdays to add another 3 miles. awesome. i think this just might be doable! 

i'm really glad that i gave myself enough time to do this slowly and not kill myself. i've been running pretty faithfully now for almost 6 months. that's the longest i've ever stuck with an exercise program (other than weight training, i.e. PE so i don't really count that). and it feels good to have been committed to something for so long. so, i just gotta make it a couple more months and then i'll have to find a new goal to give me a reason to do it when i don't feel like it. maybe i'll get ready for a triathlon next. :D

Sunday, November 6, 2011

the benefits and drawbacks of a treadmill

i simultaneously love and hate my treadmill. yep, it's true. and it's a surprisingly almost equal love-hate relationship.

i hate that it's so boring and not completely accurate. i hate that it's hot and there's no moving air like there is outside and when i get off i get that weird feeling of moving, while not moving. i hate that i end up staring at the stupid screen and watching the moments tick by, even when i try not to. and the times when i throw a towel over it are torturous for a totally different reason. it's mentally tough running for 3 or 4 miles and not actually going anywhere. 

i love that i can run while my kids are all home. i love that even though my husband goes to work before 5:00 every morning i can still do an early morning run without ever having to leave any of my kids. i love that i can set a pace and keep it. on the treadmill you either keep up or fall off. you can't slow down without realizing it so if you set the pace to do a 8 minute mile you do an 8 minute mile or very consciously choose to slow the pace. it makes me push harder. i love that i can easily keep track of my time and distance. i love that i can run while watching t.v. . . . not usually, but every now and then.

overall, best large workout equipment purchase i have ever made. i've already put over 200 miles on it and don't plan on stopping any time soon. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

another PR

yep, after dragging myself out of bed i did 4 miles straight today, no stopping, no walking. and i could've cranked out another 1/2 mile probably if i'd had the desire (and time).

Saturday, October 8, 2011

yay for cooler weather

i actually got to run outside today. and it was really nice. though i will say this: you don't really realize just how far 5 miles in until you're running through the city. it was almost difficult to find a route long enough without going into high traffic areas. anyhoo, i did just over 5.5 miles today and i feel good. i didn't go as fast as i would have liked, but i completely it with relative ease and i started out pretty fast. i am definitely getting stronger all the time. it feels good to be in decent shape. i like running. i love feeling good. i love being able to eat treats and ice cream every now and then without feeling guilty. i'm running so many miles during the week that i'm still losing weight, albeit slowly. that's okay with me though. i'd take slow weight loss and sugar in moderation over fast weight loss and no sugar easily. i'm not into denying myself things that i love. after all, we only live once, right?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


one of the best things about starting something like this is that if you stick with it you get to watch the improvements as they come. you can see where you started and where you are now and have a "yay, me!" moment because of how far you've come.

and i've come a long way. starting from the "couch to 5k" program i've gone from jogging 60 seconds straight to being able to do 3.5 miles with relative ease. seriously. i did 3 yesterday at a very easy pace. today i did 3.5 at a slightly faster pace than yesterday's 3. and they were both pretty easy. never once did i feel like i was sick or terribly winded or anything. and that feels great! i feel fit and strong. 

and while i'm not necessarily in the best shape of my life yet, i definitely have the most endurance/stamina that i've ever had. even when i was in weight training in high school and benching 125 regularly i couldn't run 3.5 miles straight (i don't think--i never tried though i did 3).

now, if i can just add in some appropriate (and fun) cross training and a little bit of weights on off days i'll be a force to be reckoned with!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


5 miles today. :)

it took effort. it wasn't easy.

BUT it wasn't awful either and i've never gone that far before.

it's exciting to see the progress i've made.

from running 90 seconds, to running 5 miles.

i'm almost to the halfway point!

and i've got 18 more weeks until my race.

that's plenty of time. right?

hope to hit the halfway point in about another 4 or 5 weeks.

every schedule i've looked at is 12 weeks long.

i've already been at it for 12 weeks and have more than that left.

i'm taking it reeeeallly sllllloowwwwww.

that's okay.

wish me luck!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

goal, accomplished

made it. 4 miles today. :) for the actual race i'm planning to do a run/walk/run because everything i've read said it's easier, mentally, physically, etc. most people actually cut time off when switching from a straight run to a run/walk style. so, i figured since that's my plan of action there's no reason not to start that method from right now for my long runs. it worked. i finished my long run, not very quickly, but not too slowly and i felt good at the end. i'm starting to get antsy about increasing mileage at this point. i'm really anxious to hit the halfway point (meaning 6.5 miles). but for now, 1/3 isn't too bad. i'll take it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

i had a goal

i didn't make it. it's okay though. sometimes that happens. yesterday i really wanted to do 4 miles, but it was a bad running day for me and i was lucky to make 3. this was the first time that i didn't feel great after my run. i just wanted to lay down and not move for a few minutes. it was good to recognize what an "off" day feels least i'm praying it was really just an off day. i wanted to really push myself and make that 4 miles, but doing 3 was really pushing myself. so, i've made the goal for this coming week to have a 4 mile run. i will make it, one way or another.

while we were in utah i ran while we were in smithfield. there's a canyon literally a few blocks from paul's grandma's house. it was awesome, seriously awesome. pretty and some shade and cool. i wish i could run there every day. it makes me want to run outside more, but it's just way too hot here still. i look forward to the weather cooling off though so i can starting running out by the canal.

on a positive note, shin splints are gone, ITB is a distant memory and all is well. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


because we're going to UT in two days i don't think i'm going to make a 10-mile week. but, i did make a PR of a different kind this week. i did 3.5 miles straight, no walking! i think the best i've ever done previously is an even 3. a half mile increase is pretty good i think. it was a real push to get there mentally, but it felt so good and there was no nausea or aching or anything. maybe, just maybe i can do this.

i've discovered my toughest hurdle is not necessarily going to be physical. physically, i do pretty well. i have decent stamina and endurance, not great, but okay for a new runner. but mentally, what a challenge! i have great determination and will power which is great. what i don't have is a lot of confidence in my ability to do. is that an oxymoron? hmm...i will have to think about that. 

hopefully, as i improve so will my mental state. as i start getting tired and think "i want to stop," i have to really think about why i want to stop. when i take an inventory, i'm not huffing and puffing too badly, i'm not hurting anywhere and i feel okay. so i tell myself i'm okay and i don't really need to stop even if i want to. that usually works for a while. it feels good to see improvements.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

10-mile week!

i set a goal last week to have my first 10-mile week. i'd done 9.5 and was so close to hitting that 10-mile mark. i'm very excited to say i did it last week. :) in fact, not just 10, but 10.5. i feel great. well, other than the stupid medial shin splints in my right leg. but, they're not too bad.  they're more a nuisance than anything. it's not pain so much as just discomfort, but i'm doing what i can to make sure it stays in that camp and doesn't move over into pain. i've decided i need to be more diligent about putting ice on it after i run and maybe taking some ibuprofen as well. i will also probably take the week we're in UT off to try to help it heal some. i don't want to, but we're going to have other things going on anyway and it's a good time to give it a chance to rest.

for this reason i'm hesitant to add any distance to my current 3 mile length. i'm itching to, but don't want to cause any injuries. i think i will run this week, take the week off that we spend in UT and then if my leg is feeling better than when i left i will proceed to start adding some distance at about a quarter-mile per week for now.

i've lost a couple pounds and hope to start losing a little more as i get the chance to push myself and test my physical capabilities. wish me luck! i'm on an endorphin high and hoping not to come down any time soon. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

it's becoming addictive. i'm starting to look forward to it a lot. i never thought i'd ever really love running, but i'm starting to love it. last week i ran 4 times two miles or more each time. yeah, that's how much i'm starting to like it. my goal is to have my first 10-mile week this week. today i did 2.5 tomorrow i plan to do about the same. saturday will be my only 3-mile day most likely. we'll see though. i always feel so good after running. i feel like getting housework done and have more patience for the kids, usually. we're almost through july so that means i have 6 months to build from my foundation. actually, possibly less since i'm debating on just spending august (or most of it) running about 3 miles or less for my long run. i don't want to go too far, too fast. we'll see how i feel in about 2 or 3 weeks. i might start adding slowly depending on how i feel at that time. i have to hold myself back from pushing too far all at once. i can go for a long time, but apparently my body needs more time to adjust or it rebels in painful ways.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


lots of progress. i feel great. i finished a 30 min run (no stopping) about an hour ago and feel awesome. i probably even could've gone another 5 minutes, but because of a pain in my lower inside leg i didn't. it may be shin splints, which concerns me, but it doesn't hurt that much. it's more annoying than painful, like when you're trying to work out stiffness at the beginning of a run. and it went away really quickly after my run was over. i'm thinking it's probably more due to too much running too quickly, but i just don't know. at this point i'm going to just try to run through it and see what happens. i've hit my 30 minute goal, but not 3 mile goal (i was just over 2.75) so for at least a month i'm going to keep it steady at 30 minutes or 3 miles, whichever comes first. my knee hasn't bothered me in weeks though and i'm excited to continue progressing.

it's funny, but the first 5 minutes of a run it always the worst for me. by about 3 i'm think "what am i doing? i can't go for over 20 minutes straight. that's a long time! and i'm already feeling winded," but inevitable i usually stay steady in that breathing-hard-but-not-huffing stage for the rest of the run and the time goes by before i've realized it. and i think "wow, i still feel great. i'm not gasping and i'm almost there." i have great hope for my half marathon goals!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

3/4 mile today! still pain free. i could feel it coming on though so i didn't push it any further than that. i was skeptical, but it looks like this regimen is working! if i can stay on top of it for another 3 or 4 weeks i should be tip top again. i'm feeling great! i'm ready to start my training starting with the C25k program. booyah.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


or partial anyway. my new shoes came today. yes! i can't believe the difference good shoes make. seriously. 
on top of that, i finally decided i had to get serious about my rehab if i really wanted this problem to go away in a timely manner. 
so, i started using my foam roller, a lot (bless you foam roller) and doing my stretches much more consistently, and most importantly, i started my strength exercises for my glutes, thighs and quads. 
i see good things coming from this. in fact, i can already see some improvement today. 
keith didn't go to school so i didn't get my walk in. i decided to walk on the treadmill. since i had my new shoes on i couldn't resist trying them out to see how they felt (because i'm very impatient). 
i ran 1/4 mile the stopped. 
later i came back to finish 2 miles and after the first mile and 1/4 (or so?) decided to try another 1/4 mile. 
yep, success. 1/2 mile (not consecutive but still) with no knee pain. yes! 
and i felt great. so i decided not to push my luck. i'm having hope that i can return to training soon. but slowly, and more methodically this time. more patience (yuck) and less pushing so soon.

Friday, May 27, 2011

so frustrated!

man alive! this stupid injury is driving me up the wall! i've never had so much motivation to work out and not been able to before. i know this injury takes time but patience is not my strong suit. the other problem is it takes serious consistent effort to work on it. i need to stretch 3 times a day, exercise my glutes, abductors and quads. i need to ice my leg when i take long walks (which i do to pick up keith from school). i'm also waiting on my good shoes to get here. i really shouldn't run or even walk as briskly as i have without them frankly. hopefully they get here soon. i want to run! and i can't! and then, when i do i need to be careful to build up slooowly so i don't re-injure or put extra pressure on it. right now i don't feel like it's getting any better yet even with all the stretching i've been doing, but i guess it's going to take longer than a week and a half. wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a setback before i've even begun...

after trolling the internet for awhile i've discovered (i'm about 95% sure) what my knee pain really is. it's something called IT band syndrome. there's a band of tissue that goes from the hip to the outside of the knee. when it becomes too short it rubs against the bone causing pain. this would also explain the pain i've had intermittently all the way up in my hip flexor area as well.

sigh. this is good news and bad news. the good news is i've discovered what it is and it's not extreme. the bad news is, the remedy is patience, icing, stretching, and cutting back on my running. what's there to cut back on? grr. hope i can get over this one relatively fast.

what a bummer.

you can run, you can run, you can run

day 1; really, all things considered, not too shabby. i never claimed to be in great shape. and i'm in WAY better shape than i was at the beginning of the year!

i cranked out 2 miles relatively easy and i'm sure could've done at least a half mile more if my knee didn't hurt so badly. i was starting to feel very mildy nauseated but it was nothing i couldn't push through for awhile if it weren't for the pain in my knee. after the 2 jogging, i walked .5 and then tried to run another .5 but didn't quite make it all the way because the shooting pain in my knee. i did about 3.5 all together in 40 minutes.

on the one hand i'm really irritated that my knee is hurting so badly. i wanted to get some kind of idea on just how much i could do right now at the beginning of my training. on the other hand, knowing my personality i would most likely have pushed myself almost to the wall to prove something to myself and because i'm impatient and would've ended up paying for it probably for the rest of the week.

the good news is, i'm almost certain that the pain i'm experiencing in my knee is from folding up my right leg before i sit down and sitting on it. that would definitely explain the "tweaked" sensation in the joint. so now, i just need to pay better attention before i sit down because it's become such a strong habit of mine.

with about 36 weeks (i think i counted right) until the event i've got plenty of time to do this properly and gradually. i've decided to try to run at least 3 times a week and add 1/2 mile of consecutive running each week. this week i've started at 2 so next week i will aim for 2.5. If i can keep up this pace I will even be ready for the local half marathon in november, which i'm contemplating doing.

the fact is, i'm not crazy enough to think i will be able to run 13 miles straight through. . .but i can train like i will, right? my goal is to run 2/3 (or about 8.75 mi.) of it (not necessarily straight through), and average a 12 minute mile. these goals are subject to change, though i'm pretty certain i've set them fairly conservatively so if i do hopefully it will be for more ambitious ones.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I love goals!

I've got a new goal. A training end. Something to train and work for. And that makes me reealy happy. Really.

My sister-in-law has always wanted to do a half marathon, she says. And she's kind of a Disneyland fanatic. So when she discovered a half marathon at Disneyland especially geared towards women it was only natural that she should decide to register. And this was great for me.

Because, you see, I've always wanted to do a half marathon either (I'm not crazy enough to try a full. . .probably ever). Paul has zero interest. Not that I would let that stop me. I would still do one anyway, but since there's on one making me accountable it's the registering that I have a problem with. With someone else there beside me I will have to register. And I'm super excited about this. Super.

It's going to be in January of next year so I have plenty of time. I thought of doing another one here locally in November. Sort of a trial run. And because I've thought about doing this one before. We'll see.

So, wish me luck as I start my training. Oh, and even more importantly, wish my knee to get better because ever since that first day I used the treadmill my knees been bothering me. Isn't that just the way it works? Humph. Hopefully, it starts feeling better soon. Really soon.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i did over 7 miles today on my treadmill. yay! it was all walking due to a bothered knee/hip that started yesterday, but at least half of it was at a 7% incline or more.

i think this whole treadmill-in-the-house thing is going to be really good for me! maybe i can get that extra weight i've been working at for far too long off.  wish me luck! i'm excited. hope my knee starts feeling better soon. i'm raring to get RUNNING and set some new PRs!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

treadmill :D

a friend of mine bought a treadmill a few months ago. now they think they may be moving. so she sold it to me for a great deal.

i'm super excited! i love to run outside, but around here it's just too hot to run in the summer unless you do it EARLY in the morning, which isn't an option for me as hubby leaves for work by 5:00 a.m., or LATE at night, and who wants to work out late at night? not me! plus, i don't want to run in the dark. there are scary people out there. no need to invite trouble. and i can't work out before it gets really hot because i have 4 kids i can't leave alone. : / 

so, i'm very excited. i can walk right here, in my air conditioned house, though we still keep it around 78 during the day, with all my kiddies running wild. yay! this thrills me to no end.

today, i've already done 5 miles! most of that jogging. i feel great! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

take 2

woke up tuesday morning feeling not so hot. not awful, but not great. for some reason i decided to actually clean and put off my workout until later in the day. by later in the day i was feeling pretty bad. so i missed my workout. :( i thought about trying to make it up wednesday. didn't really feel any better though. today i feel somewhat better but i don't want to push it and extend my illness. i also don't want to miss even half a week of my workout and next week was supposed to be my recovery week, so i've decided to redo week 7 next week. i can't stand for all these missed workouts!

Friday, February 18, 2011

i barely made it through my workout today. in fact, i didn't make it through Ab Ripper X. i quit with about 5 minutes left. i just wasn't feeling it. i feel weak and motivation-less. sigh. why do i feel so blah? am i burning out? bored? i have to do today's particular workout 6 more times throughout the next 8 weeks, and to be honest, that does not thrill me. as burned out as i'm feeling right now, i'm super glad i didn't try to start doubles this week. i'd probably want to quit here and now. i'm hoping it's just a temporary funk and i'll snap out of it by next week. wish me luck.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


yuck. today was a yoga day. i don't like the yoga days. not because i don't like the workout, but because it's 90 minutes long. 90 mintues! that's a large chunk of time i have to set aside which can be tough with 4 little ones running around screaming. i normally get into it after a while and really dig it. today, not so much. i was all over the place. my balance was poor and i was having a hard time getting through it. sigh. let's hope tomorrow is better than today was. 2 more days this week for another full week. i'm almost 5 weeks through this thing and feeling great! so sore, still, which to me means good stuff is happening!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

change of plans....

i've decided NOT to start the doubles routine for lots of reasons. mostly because i just don't feel like i want to spend a little more than 2 hours a day working out right now, but partly because i feel like my body's finally in a groove and i don't want to throw it for a loop and shake things up again by adding an extra cardio session 3 times a week. i'm not good at getting all the calories i need every day right now as it is, so if i try to burn more every other day i'm fairly certain i will just end up putting my body into starvation mode because i won't be good about eating more to properly fuel my body, or on the flip side of that i will eat more junk because i can justify it, so while i won't necessarily be going over my calorie limits i won't be eating as well and that's no good either. i have no desire to sabotage myself and i'm not going for a 'biggest loser' type of weight loss so i'm happy with keeping my weight loss numbers a little lower if i can keep them consistent that way. i'm trying to change my lifestyle habits and not just lose weight. i feel pretty fit right now and i'm really enjoying it.

one other reason i decided maybe i'd just stick with the classic p90x routine is because at this point i'd just like to say i've finished it. i want to get through the whole program so i don't want to make it harder for myself when it's pretty killer as is. i may or may not, from time to time, decided to slip in that extra cardio workout on certain days, but i'm not going to beat myself up about it or push myself to burn-out. i'm very happy to say that in more than 4 weeks i haven't missed a single workout. that's pretty stellar for me and i'm hoping to keep it that way.

so, wish me luck as i continue on my crazy p90x journey. i can use the support.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

day 30 pics

total weight loss for phase 1: about 1.5 lbs. lame, i know, buttt it wasn't a total loss.


on to phase 2!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


yay! as of about 20 minutes ago, i finished my regular 3 weeks for phase 1, AND i didn't miss a single workout in these 3 weeks. i have the recovery week for phase 1 next week and then onto phase 2. i'm super excited to be doing something different this week and then starting a new phase next week. seriously, it's like p90x was made for me. i get so bored so easily. this is my ideal workout because i have my workouts planned for me so i know exactly what i'm doing every day and don't have to decide, but i don't have to do the same workout twice in one week which i love. as it is, i feel like a week isn't very far apart and find myself thinking, "i just did this one" when it's been 7 days.

i'm excited for the next week and then the week following. i feel better and that's what matters most. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


i know, everyone has the discouraged post. but i have to vent somewhere and this is my blog. isn't that was it's for?

it's been 2 1/2 weeks and i haven't lost any weight. seriously, any. i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. eating too many calories? not enough? no consistency? wish i had money to go visit a nutritionist. i did stumble upon a blog by a woman about why people (specifically women) don't necessarily lose weight on p90x and how it's not a weight loss program, it's a fitness program. helpful information, really. however, i figured i would lose SOME weight just because, well, i'm burning a lot of calories every day, gaining muscle and eating better. seems like a combination for some kind of weight loss, right? blah! i haven't lost any inches either, in case you're wondering. i HAVE gotten quite a bit stronger and, indeed more fit, but i'd really like to start losing a little weight now. my 30 pics are going to look just like my before pics. oh, sigh.

part of me is tempted to quit p90x and try a different weight loss tack, as per the article i read (which made a lot of sense, really) however, the other part of me says stick with it. even if you don't lose any weight, you will be more fit and that's important right? besides, these first 30 days could be a setup for something wonderful in the next 30. plus, if i do decide to go a different rout afterwards, i may actually have enough strength and endurance to make some other workouts much more effective.

meh. wish me luck. i've only got the rest of this week and then recovery week for phase 1. i think i'm still going to try doubles when i start phase 2. we'll see.

Monday, January 31, 2011

must. do. better.

okay, so i've made it through two weeks of workouts and i feel great. really, i do. i even doubled up one day last week because i missed a day due to crazy life curve balls. i've got only one week to go of regular week followed by a recovery week in phase 1. and then, we start again with phase 2. so, there's two very important decisions i've made.

1: i need to step it up. i'm working hard with my food, i really am, buuut i could and need to do better. it's been two weeks and i've only lost a pound and a half. i'm not sure if this is due to a beginning muscle gain or if i'm still eating too much. . .or the wrong things. . .or something. i just don't know, so i guess i need to work harder.

2: with this in mind i've decided i need to start waking up earlier in the morning to do my workout first thing. this is going to be really hard for me. i love being awake early and starting my day, but i hate waking up early.  i frequently wake up feeling refreshed, but i wake up slowly so i'm not ready to get out of bed. and then, of course because i lay there so long, i end up falling asleep. then i go back into dream mode and waking up is impossible, and i'm groggy. It's a vicious cycle. so, while this is going to take some serious determination and self-discipline i know i will ultimately really enjoy the benefits of this change.

3: There are three different program options for the regular p90x. classic, lean and doubles. originally i was going to do the classic program because, well, it seemed like a good place to start. however, because i feel so great and actually want to work out more every day, i've decided to do the doubles program. fortunately, phase 1 is the same for both so i haven't missed anything. i wanted to see how i felt after the phase 1 before i decided, but now i know, i'm ready. i'm ready to lose the weight! i'm ready to feel better about myself.

just two more weeks and i will post my 30 day pictures. at the very least, even if i'm not losing weight, i am getting fit and that's just as important as losing the weight, if not more really. and just doing something makes me feel better about myself and where i am. and that's good.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Made it!

okay, okay, i know that's a little premature. i've got a long way to go yet, but i think it's important to celebrate the successes, no matter how small and i think i had quite a few this week. 

first, i made it through 6 consecutive days of full workouts, including today, which i got up early to do so we could go to the snow together (with the youth) because i knew i wouldn't want to do it when i got home. and i didn't. saturdays will be the toughest because it's a different schedule, which is why i'm so happy about today.

second, i'm sore, but i feel good and am still mega motivated for next week. and i got my pull-up bar in the mail so i'm excited to add the extra challenge. i think it's probably a good thing i did my first week without it.

third, i've been creative at dinner and better about making lower calorie dinners. plus, i've been under my calorie goal almost every day this week (the one day i did go over was only a very little bit). i'm enjoying making more vegetarian dishes and cooking more things from scratch to avoid extra sugar and other less healthy things.

fourth, and most important, i've been very good about what i've eaten all week. but wait, there's more! the sugar cravings are starting to go away! hooray! and it's such a great feeling to go through ideas for dinner such as fast food and not find any of it very appealing. it still sounds really good when i'm hungry, but i've discovered if i don't let myself get too hungry (read: let my blood sugar drop) it really doesn't sound very appealing. in fact, paul and i went out last night and we stopped to get ice cream at rite aid. i got a single scoop of chocolate brownie because it sounded really yummy, but after about 5 or 6 bites the sugar craving was gone. i've been at this point one other time in my life and it was really nice.

Friday, January 21, 2011

one week down (almost)....

i have one more workout day tomorrow (kenpo--which one i really like) and i made it through my first week of p90x! that means only 11 more weeks to go, haha. but seriously, i feel great. i've already lost over a pound and a half since monday, which is great, but even better, i feel so much better already. i've also gained quite a bit of muscle already! i know this because the ab ripper x is killer! and the first day i couldn't finish any of the workouts but the first one today i finished a couple other AND got more consecutive reps on several others before i collapsed with burning muscles. 

the best thing about this program for me is that i get to do a different workout every day of the week. this very much appeals to my need for variety. i get bored so easily. i can handle a certain workout once, maybe twice a week, depending on how much i like it, but anymore and that and i lose motivation. i'm excited to see how this plays out in the next few weeks. i plan to take pictures at 30, 60 and 90 days too. fortunately, i've found a system that works time-wise to get my exercise in each day too. 

melissa and nate, i can't thank you enough for letting me borrow this! i was so ready for it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

huts so good

it's day two and i'm feeling it. already. pathetic, right? i'm a little tight from yesterday's back and chest workout, though thankfully, not nearly as bad as i thought. hopefully i won't be even tighter and stiffer tomorrow. 

then today was plyo so basically crazy tough lower body. i'm a little ugh all over, but i so love how i feel right now. in case anyone is wondering, i'm not following a specific meal plan. i find that unrealistic for sustained usage, so i'm doing my best to eat lower calorie, higher health foods. i'm making lots of little changes, but ones i feel i can sustain. i'm also discovering how much i love making food from scratch. i'm looking forward to what's coming!

Monday, January 17, 2011


I made it though the first exercise. . .kinda. Wow, what a killer! I finally ordered a pull-up bar last night on e-bay so hopefully it gets here soon. In the meantime I'm using resistance tubes anchored to my door. I'm stoked though. I'm so ready for this mentally and physically. They recommend you do a "fitness test" before you start the program and give you a base to make sure you're fit enough to start the program. I passed everything on that with flying colors minus the pull-ups--no surprise there--so I feel good! I feel ready. I (finally) took "before" pictures. Hopefully I will have some wicked "after" pictures to share in just a few months. I took some with sports bra and shorts only for my own benefit, but since I didn't figure everyone wanted to share in my half-naked "before" pictures. So, in an attempt to be bold and open, here are the "before" pictures:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


it's time.
i'm tired of being fat.
or at least feeling fat.
when there's absolutely no excuse for it.
so, i'm starting.
wish i'd started this monday.
but i don't have a pull up bar.
and may not have one next week either.
oh well.
i'm not waiting any longer.
not making up any more excuses.
i will just substitute something.

i will post "before" pictures before next monday. hopefully i won't forget to take them.