Friday, May 27, 2011

so frustrated!

man alive! this stupid injury is driving me up the wall! i've never had so much motivation to work out and not been able to before. i know this injury takes time but patience is not my strong suit. the other problem is it takes serious consistent effort to work on it. i need to stretch 3 times a day, exercise my glutes, abductors and quads. i need to ice my leg when i take long walks (which i do to pick up keith from school). i'm also waiting on my good shoes to get here. i really shouldn't run or even walk as briskly as i have without them frankly. hopefully they get here soon. i want to run! and i can't! and then, when i do i need to be careful to build up slooowly so i don't re-injure or put extra pressure on it. right now i don't feel like it's getting any better yet even with all the stretching i've been doing, but i guess it's going to take longer than a week and a half. wish me luck.