Saturday, November 19, 2011


i did 8 miles today. yep, 8. wowsers, can't believe i did it. it was tough though, i'm not gonna lie. i was ready to be done when i got to the end and happy to stop and walk. 

that's still 5 miles short of a half marathon but i'm just about 2/3 way there now. i averaged an 11 minute mile, which isn't too bad really. i'd like to be a little faster, but for having gone that far only once, averaging an 11 minute mile isn't bad. i'll take it. i've decided if when i get to 10 miles, and if i can still average an 11 minute mile i should be able to make my goal of averaging a 12 minute mile for my half marathon. feels like it's so close now, but it's still 2 months away. that's like 6  or 7 more saturdays to add another 3 miles. awesome. i think this just might be doable! 

i'm really glad that i gave myself enough time to do this slowly and not kill myself. i've been running pretty faithfully now for almost 6 months. that's the longest i've ever stuck with an exercise program (other than weight training, i.e. PE so i don't really count that). and it feels good to have been committed to something for so long. so, i just gotta make it a couple more months and then i'll have to find a new goal to give me a reason to do it when i don't feel like it. maybe i'll get ready for a triathlon next. :D