Wednesday, August 3, 2011


because we're going to UT in two days i don't think i'm going to make a 10-mile week. but, i did make a PR of a different kind this week. i did 3.5 miles straight, no walking! i think the best i've ever done previously is an even 3. a half mile increase is pretty good i think. it was a real push to get there mentally, but it felt so good and there was no nausea or aching or anything. maybe, just maybe i can do this.

i've discovered my toughest hurdle is not necessarily going to be physical. physically, i do pretty well. i have decent stamina and endurance, not great, but okay for a new runner. but mentally, what a challenge! i have great determination and will power which is great. what i don't have is a lot of confidence in my ability to do. is that an oxymoron? hmm...i will have to think about that. 

hopefully, as i improve so will my mental state. as i start getting tired and think "i want to stop," i have to really think about why i want to stop. when i take an inventory, i'm not huffing and puffing too badly, i'm not hurting anywhere and i feel okay. so i tell myself i'm okay and i don't really need to stop even if i want to. that usually works for a while. it feels good to see improvements.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

10-mile week!

i set a goal last week to have my first 10-mile week. i'd done 9.5 and was so close to hitting that 10-mile mark. i'm very excited to say i did it last week. :) in fact, not just 10, but 10.5. i feel great. well, other than the stupid medial shin splints in my right leg. but, they're not too bad.  they're more a nuisance than anything. it's not pain so much as just discomfort, but i'm doing what i can to make sure it stays in that camp and doesn't move over into pain. i've decided i need to be more diligent about putting ice on it after i run and maybe taking some ibuprofen as well. i will also probably take the week we're in UT off to try to help it heal some. i don't want to, but we're going to have other things going on anyway and it's a good time to give it a chance to rest.

for this reason i'm hesitant to add any distance to my current 3 mile length. i'm itching to, but don't want to cause any injuries. i think i will run this week, take the week off that we spend in UT and then if my leg is feeling better than when i left i will proceed to start adding some distance at about a quarter-mile per week for now.

i've lost a couple pounds and hope to start losing a little more as i get the chance to push myself and test my physical capabilities. wish me luck! i'm on an endorphin high and hoping not to come down any time soon. :)