Saturday, February 5, 2011


yay! as of about 20 minutes ago, i finished my regular 3 weeks for phase 1, AND i didn't miss a single workout in these 3 weeks. i have the recovery week for phase 1 next week and then onto phase 2. i'm super excited to be doing something different this week and then starting a new phase next week. seriously, it's like p90x was made for me. i get so bored so easily. this is my ideal workout because i have my workouts planned for me so i know exactly what i'm doing every day and don't have to decide, but i don't have to do the same workout twice in one week which i love. as it is, i feel like a week isn't very far apart and find myself thinking, "i just did this one" when it's been 7 days.

i'm excited for the next week and then the week following. i feel better and that's what matters most. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


i know, everyone has the discouraged post. but i have to vent somewhere and this is my blog. isn't that was it's for?

it's been 2 1/2 weeks and i haven't lost any weight. seriously, any. i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. eating too many calories? not enough? no consistency? wish i had money to go visit a nutritionist. i did stumble upon a blog by a woman about why people (specifically women) don't necessarily lose weight on p90x and how it's not a weight loss program, it's a fitness program. helpful information, really. however, i figured i would lose SOME weight just because, well, i'm burning a lot of calories every day, gaining muscle and eating better. seems like a combination for some kind of weight loss, right? blah! i haven't lost any inches either, in case you're wondering. i HAVE gotten quite a bit stronger and, indeed more fit, but i'd really like to start losing a little weight now. my 30 pics are going to look just like my before pics. oh, sigh.

part of me is tempted to quit p90x and try a different weight loss tack, as per the article i read (which made a lot of sense, really) however, the other part of me says stick with it. even if you don't lose any weight, you will be more fit and that's important right? besides, these first 30 days could be a setup for something wonderful in the next 30. plus, if i do decide to go a different rout afterwards, i may actually have enough strength and endurance to make some other workouts much more effective.

meh. wish me luck. i've only got the rest of this week and then recovery week for phase 1. i think i'm still going to try doubles when i start phase 2. we'll see.

Monday, January 31, 2011

must. do. better.

okay, so i've made it through two weeks of workouts and i feel great. really, i do. i even doubled up one day last week because i missed a day due to crazy life curve balls. i've got only one week to go of regular week followed by a recovery week in phase 1. and then, we start again with phase 2. so, there's two very important decisions i've made.

1: i need to step it up. i'm working hard with my food, i really am, buuut i could and need to do better. it's been two weeks and i've only lost a pound and a half. i'm not sure if this is due to a beginning muscle gain or if i'm still eating too much. . .or the wrong things. . .or something. i just don't know, so i guess i need to work harder.

2: with this in mind i've decided i need to start waking up earlier in the morning to do my workout first thing. this is going to be really hard for me. i love being awake early and starting my day, but i hate waking up early.  i frequently wake up feeling refreshed, but i wake up slowly so i'm not ready to get out of bed. and then, of course because i lay there so long, i end up falling asleep. then i go back into dream mode and waking up is impossible, and i'm groggy. It's a vicious cycle. so, while this is going to take some serious determination and self-discipline i know i will ultimately really enjoy the benefits of this change.

3: There are three different program options for the regular p90x. classic, lean and doubles. originally i was going to do the classic program because, well, it seemed like a good place to start. however, because i feel so great and actually want to work out more every day, i've decided to do the doubles program. fortunately, phase 1 is the same for both so i haven't missed anything. i wanted to see how i felt after the phase 1 before i decided, but now i know, i'm ready. i'm ready to lose the weight! i'm ready to feel better about myself.

just two more weeks and i will post my 30 day pictures. at the very least, even if i'm not losing weight, i am getting fit and that's just as important as losing the weight, if not more really. and just doing something makes me feel better about myself and where i am. and that's good.