Monday, May 31, 2010

The only good thing...

about the occasional weekend binge (or just all day, or whatever) is that almost always when it's over I'm so junk-fooded out that it's easy to resist sugar for awhile. One really crappy day for at least a week of temptation-free (or strongly reduced) days. 

Almost makes a fair trade off, I think.

W4--Day 1:

The worst yet, by far! On the bright side, I can only go up, right?

Ward party with chili, hot dogs, baked goods (of course!) I actually stayed away from all the baked goods. . .except my own. 

I couldn't help having a couple pieces of rocky road since I make it so rarely and it was so yummy. I had a few jam shortbread cookies too. 

For dinner we did homemade hamburgers, which were so good. I only had one soda, but then Ella bought cake and Luke bought ice cream for my birthday cause I just have awesome friends like that, so of course, I had to have a piece of that, (it was a pretty small one though).

On the plus, I at least got some exercise throwing the football around, and then playing in the pool which was a blast. Not as much as I really need, I'm sure, but something is better than nothing right?

Okay, better from here on out. I think maybe all my sugar has been hard on the babies tummy's too, which is even more motivation to get back on track. Okay, starting over.

Total weight loss for week 3:

Which was not so good. Blah. Only 1.6 lbs. . .I think. I'm not entirely sure because I forgot it was Monday and didn't pay enough attention this morning when I weighed. I'm going to try to relive my first week (minus Monday, for obvious reasons) and hope I come up with a better number by next Monday. 

Almost halfway through this thing...

W3--Day 7:

Yeah, I've kind of given up for this weekend. I mean, I'm trying, but it's just not working. I made Rocky Road Fudge for the ward party and then Jam Shortbread Cookies too. Mostly because I felt like baking. Breakfast was pancakes. Lunch was leftover Olive Garden, which there wasn't much of, so no big deal. Had cornish game hens for dinner stuffed with brown and wild rice. It was a first for me, and quite yummy. And I wasn't even that bad with the baking, but Monday when it's time to eat. . .*sigh*

Sunday, May 30, 2010

W3--Day 6:

Another "eh" day. Paul took me out to dinner for my birthday. I actually did pretty well there and didn't eat it all and chose a pasta fairly low in calories. However, I had 4 chocolate chip cookies. Yikes. And tomorrow is Memorial Day and the ward Bake-Off. I've decided to make Grandma's Rocky Road Fudge. I actually can only eat a very little bit of that before I don't like it anymore, so hopefully that will help me. It's all the other stuff there that I'm worried about. At least I'll be able to get a lot of exercise playing catch and playing in the pool later that day. Let's hope I can get WAY back on track on Tuesday. In fact, I think I've decided I'm going to try to relive my first week by following it pretty closely, since it was a good week for me, and hope it works twice. It's a good thing we're not quite halfway through this.