Thursday, June 2, 2011

3/4 mile today! still pain free. i could feel it coming on though so i didn't push it any further than that. i was skeptical, but it looks like this regimen is working! if i can stay on top of it for another 3 or 4 weeks i should be tip top again. i'm feeling great! i'm ready to start my training starting with the C25k program. booyah.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


or partial anyway. my new shoes came today. yes! i can't believe the difference good shoes make. seriously. 
on top of that, i finally decided i had to get serious about my rehab if i really wanted this problem to go away in a timely manner. 
so, i started using my foam roller, a lot (bless you foam roller) and doing my stretches much more consistently, and most importantly, i started my strength exercises for my glutes, thighs and quads. 
i see good things coming from this. in fact, i can already see some improvement today. 
keith didn't go to school so i didn't get my walk in. i decided to walk on the treadmill. since i had my new shoes on i couldn't resist trying them out to see how they felt (because i'm very impatient). 
i ran 1/4 mile the stopped. 
later i came back to finish 2 miles and after the first mile and 1/4 (or so?) decided to try another 1/4 mile. 
yep, success. 1/2 mile (not consecutive but still) with no knee pain. yes! 
and i felt great. so i decided not to push my luck. i'm having hope that i can return to training soon. but slowly, and more methodically this time. more patience (yuck) and less pushing so soon.