Saturday, October 8, 2011

yay for cooler weather

i actually got to run outside today. and it was really nice. though i will say this: you don't really realize just how far 5 miles in until you're running through the city. it was almost difficult to find a route long enough without going into high traffic areas. anyhoo, i did just over 5.5 miles today and i feel good. i didn't go as fast as i would have liked, but i completely it with relative ease and i started out pretty fast. i am definitely getting stronger all the time. it feels good to be in decent shape. i like running. i love feeling good. i love being able to eat treats and ice cream every now and then without feeling guilty. i'm running so many miles during the week that i'm still losing weight, albeit slowly. that's okay with me though. i'd take slow weight loss and sugar in moderation over fast weight loss and no sugar easily. i'm not into denying myself things that i love. after all, we only live once, right?

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